What can we do to mark National Day for Truth and Reconciliation and become better allies?

“Visit a local Indigenous experience if they haven’t already done so,” said Keith Henry, president and CEO of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada (ITAC) .

“The Original Original campaign is a reflection of our communities as they really are: diverse, authentic, empowered and current,” said Henry at the time when the campaign launched. “Our greater mandate at ITAC is to leverage tourism to help support the revitalization and broader understanding of Indigenous culture in a way that contributes positively to Indigenous communities.”

“The Original Original mark supports this mandate by helping travellers better distinguish and support authentic businesses, and lift our voices.”

The sector in Canada has many contemporary young Indigenous artists, Henry said, as well as culinary experiences led by Indigenous Chefs who put modern spins on traditional dishes.

Indigenous tourism can take different shapes. It could be an Indigenous person sharing their food or culture, or a business leading guided experiences or tours.

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