North & South India with Ganges

“Atithi Devo Bhava” – The Guest is God.

Welcome to the Royal Charms of India, where numerous jewels glitter and croon the glory of this ancient heritage. Everything written about the country of contrasts – Incredible India falls short because of its colourful pageantry, emiched culture and exquisite traditions. Famous worldwide as Incredible India.

The world lies in India – no other country on the globe is endowed with the wonderful facets including monuments, backwaters, age-old therapies, food, spices, wildlife, adventure and the list is endless. The old and new, rural towns sand urban sky scrapers co-exist beautifully, providing the country an earthy charm. A vast panorama of cultures, tradition and landscapes, India has everything for everyone.

A traditional welcome will follow at every destination at hotels where the group check-in. Lunches and dinners with thematic designs from royal themes to modern days’ fantasies with a widespread of rich, authentic and traditional delicacies.