FOR 2021-22

North America

50 states and 50 ways to discover the USA. It is a land of contrasts – the deserts of Nevada and nightlife of Las Vegas. The glamour of Hollywood and the roar of the Pacific surf. Drive through the Napa Valley wine country or see the autumn leaves turn brilliant colours in New England and Virginia. Or leave the continent and head north to Alaska. Take a cruise from Vancouver, British Columbia to see the glaciers and whales breeching in the freezing seas. Or if you would rather warm up then cool down, Hawaii – the aloha state has the warm, tropical breezes scented with plumeria flowers. Or for an all-together different approach why not try to see 50 all 61 spectacular national parks. Let’s discuss what appeals most to you and yours.
Mexico is a fiesta of colour dancing, strolling guitar bands, and spicy amazing food. What is your pleasure. Start in Mexico City to see its floating gardens, check out the architecture and museums and then head to the Yucatan for a tour of the grand site of Chichen, Itza. Spot the flamingos in the Celestun Nature Reserve – then relax on a beautiful sandy beach with a margarita or senorita. Want to deep sea fish and catch a marlin or go snorkeling in Cabo Pulmo, the only coral reef on North America’s West Coast.